From the beginning of time, women have found strength in groups. I have never been much of a joiner; the only club I ever wanted to belong to was the ol’ boys club….just kidding. No, seriously though, once I longed to be included in – the exclusively male S Club, a group of Sterling High School boys, who owned the coveted Varsity letter S proudly worn on letter jackets. Fueled by Title IX, they finally allowed girls to join.

Mom's stitches holds family together

Mom stitches generations together

My mom’s generation knew the value of women’s social circles. As the ultra clubber, she belongs to a half dozen groups that support one another through life’s transitions. From sorority to AAUW to the Methodist church’s Rebecca Circle, Mom has always been a do gooder. She works at FISH (a food pantry) and plays chimes at church. Her Piecemakers Quilt Club creates quilts for babies, children and military people in hospitals and also holds auctions with profits going to local charities.

“I also belong to the Roundtuits,” my mom said. “Originally it was a home extension group from the University of Illinois for farm women and the name comes from the idea that “Someday I will get around to it.”

Grandma's quilts preserve memories

Grandma’s quilts preserve memories

Today, it’s a social club that donates to local charities and a fund raiser for breast cancer. Within it are sub groups: a book group, a lunch bunch and a Bunco playing gang.

Women’s communities are now global. In the 21st century, Facebook Clubs are ideal for people like me with bad backs because I can gab and giggle with the girls from my bedroom. I joined  a couple of clubs recently -the Gutsy Independent Publishers, the National Association of Memoir Writers and most recently the GenFab™, female writers of a certain age! Bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs, memoirists, self-help gurus, inspirational folks that hail from coast to coast and around the continents. With a click of my finger I can connect to Lynne’s Any Shiny Thing and Sharon’s Empty House Full Mind in California to Clara’s Authentic Women and Viki ‘s Friendgrief in Chicago to Kathy’s Memoir Writer’s Journey in New-York to Bonnie’s Home Place in Connecticut!

Everyone is so welcoming; I feel like the belle of the ball instead of a wall flower. Now I whittle away hours clubbing on the internet. Soup boils over, laundry piles up, the house a clutter … sorry Mom, but I will never get a-round-to-it again.

With different projects in the works and missions to accomplish, we all draw inspiration and energy from one another. And I am grateful to my social butterfly mom for giving me the courage to join something new.

My cyberspace mates are a far cry from my stud buds in the S Club – the quarterback, tight end, and right guard – that I hung out with in high school. My, oh my, how our world has evolved but, no surprise, women are still at the center of the circle.

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